Biography Faranak


Faranak Shahroozi is an Iranian-American composer, performer and pianist known for her lyrical, romantic and captivating melodies. 

Faranak's passion for music started at the age of 5 when her parents hired a private tutor to teach her basic musical notes and theory. Following the revolution of 1979, her world as she knew it changed forever. Because of Iran-Iraq war of 1980, Faranak and her parents packed their bags and left their home town of Abadan and moved to the capital city of Tehran. 

In 1984 she moved to the United States, where she pursued her passion for music and received her B.A. in classical music from Cal State University. 

The dramatic changes in her life had a direct effect on her musical abilities and emotional connections which led to a series of musical compositions and ultimately captured the attention of famed producer Preston Glass. By the late 90's Faranak became the face of music in Napa Valley, where she lived and performed for many years. With Glass's help, vision, and collaboration with stars such as Lenny Williams of Tower of Power and Syreeta Wright (Stevie Wonder's wife) and the endorsement of the legendary winemaker Robert Mondavi, Faranak's first album, titled "La Musica De La Vigna" was produced and her song, "Helplessly Falling" was featured in a  "Down and Dirty" film starring Gary Busey.

By the mid-2000s, Faranak began working with San Francisco R&B radio station, KBLX and her second album, entitled "Eternal Love," was produced by Adam Ivy and released in 2011. 

Faranak is currently working with acclaimed movie producer John J. Kelly (Deadpool) and his partner Parisa Caviani on soundtracks for several upcoming film projects. In the meantime her immense love for animals has led to her involvement with PETA, both in music donations for rescue videos and performances for the organization's charity events.